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Those who know me know that I'm not a "cause" oriented person. That said, I am promoting one now.

Some in the "resist" movement are using Smokey Bear Resist Shirt to promote their cause (the most honest ones) and to sell cheap tee shirts promising 100% proceeds (or less) to the National Park Service and others (the not-so-ethical ones).

For 70 years Smokey has been a beloved apolitical advocate for forest and wildfire prevention. His use for other purposes is against the law.

If you care about Smokey and his legacy, I hope you'll share this post with your friends, post the link when you run across an ad for a resist product that's employing Smokey against his will, and copy the link to the fraudulent post to the folks at The Metis Group.

(Note: I'm no fan of The Donald. I have no beef with those who think resistance is the way to go. People are welcome to resist all they want to, but they should do so legally and should leave Smokey to tend the forests.)

Day 3 of my Nature Photo challenge, where I was nominated by Sandy Carlson-Wood 

I decided to post one of my favorite photos from East Tennessee where I grew up and where my father nurtured my love of nature in the Great Smokey Mountains. I remember the many hikes he had to drag me and my siblings on and the many times he would stop and take a picture of moss on a tree or a mushroom or a wildflower only he could find due to his intimate knowledge of the park. I was initially only going to post the wildflowers photo but I found this one and could not resist. As with all good photos, there is a story behind it. Ed, my sister Sarah, my father and I have an annual trek up to the Smokey the Bear Resist T-Shirt to find and photograph wildflowers. My father guided us to this field but could not come into the field due to his physical disability. Ed and I took Sarah into the field of flowers and decided we would take pictures for my father. I sat down and asked Sarah to sit next to me.....Sarah had other ideas not being as fond of nature as I am and landed right in my lap. Mind you I could not stop laughing because despite my multiple requests for her to move over...she just continued to sit on me, telling me the ground was "dirty". LOL....I had to include a picture of my dad and I over looking Cades Cove

I will again nominate Ed Jackson...although technically he is now participating because he took this picture

Update: Let's buy Smokey The Bear Says Resist At GearBubble, let's says resist for Alt Nation Park, Anti Fake President, Donald Trump !

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